Serving: Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison

Why Marble Renaissance?

Formally Trained

The techniques we use are not “made up”.  They were taught to us by the man who created the methodology for the entire industry. Maurizio Bertoli was brought to the United States to help the U.S. Government restore and polish 3 million square feet of marble floors in the U.S. Capitol.  Never before had that been attempted in the world.  He created the equipment, supplies and techniques to do this type work. 30 years later Maurizio began training people how to do this work.  Marble Renaissance has two generations of ownership having been formally trained by this man.

VERY Experienced!

Since 2003 Marble Renaissance Has Restored:

0Natural Stone Floors
0Natural Stone Showers
0Natural Stone Tops

Our Experience Makes Us Very Efficient

With more than 3,300 different natural stones used today any company attempting restoration must have a developed methodology to be able to restore that individual piece of stone to the desired finish. Different stone requires different techniques.

We Simply Care More

Our associates are respectful, dress professionally, have been trained formally, protect your home and possessions and clean up when done. We show up on time and communicate with you throughout the work.  We explain exactly what we are going to do in advance and in writing. We provide written instructions how to maintain the surfaces we work on.